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We Service The Prospect and Surrounding areas

"Designer look without the designer price"

Finishing Effects has been in business 25+ years since 1990. We were also awarded the Best of Prospect Award in 2015 under home decor improvement and maintenance, as a result of our commitment to excellent customer service and high-quality products. Visit us today at 9521 US Highway 42 in Prospect or

call at 502-228-4031 with any questions!

  • FREE estimates and measurements

  • In business since 1990

  • 30% OFF wallpaper purchases

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Custom-Made Items and Helpful Design Services for Your Residence or Commercial Business

We can provide custom-designed items for your home or office, flooring options, and quality furniture and accessories. We offer professional design services to assist you with the process. We have a wide selection of options at our showroom, where you can personally pick out your designs and materials you want used. Stop in today and let us know how we can help you!

  • Wide selection of designs and patterns

  • "Designer look without the designer price"

  • Locally owned and operated

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